PhilPhil Maiewski has been a member of the Rebel Legion since early 2011, a Podcaster since late 2009, and a Star Wars fan since the late 70s. Known to many as “Darth GM”, his interests and hobbies are varied and numerous; taking over a large amount of space in his home. He lives in southern New Hampshire with his lovely wife-to-be, stepson-to-be, and his turtle, Roy.






ErichErich Shafer has been a member of the Rebel Legion since 2008, and broadcasting for over a decade in New England, take a look here. A propmaker and costumer as far back as he can remember, Erich lives in Massachusetts with his wife and hermit crabs.

2 Responses to Staff

  1. Erik Larkin says:

    Sounds Great! Hoping this becomes a greater thing in the future!

  2. AWRI blog/mission reports guy, standing by!

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